California mandates CalOSHA training for Cannabis Supervisors and Employees. The text of the Assembly Bill regarding CalOSHA training is as follows:
(11) (A) Provide a statement, upon initial application and application for renewal, that the applicant employs, or will employ within one year of receiving or renewing a license, one supervisor and one employee who have successfully completed a Cal-OSHA 30-hour general industry outreach course offered by a training provider that is authorized by an OSHA Training Institute Education Center to provide the course. This paragraph shall not be construed to alter or amend existing requirements for employers to provide occupational safety and health training to employees.
(B) An applicant with only one employee shall not be subject to subparagraph (A).
(C) For purposes of this paragraph “employee” has the same meaning as provided in subparagraph (B) of paragraph (5) and “supervisor” has the same meaning as provided in subparagraph (C) of paragraph (5).

This means that the training must be had before an initial licensing, or a maximum of 1 year AFTER licensing. There will need to be ongoing training, and a large initial pool of students to account for attrition of employees. Safety Logistics is able to teach these classes specific to the Cannabis Industry, and is ready to address these needs today!